Proper Maintenance An Important Factor In The Vecellio Group’s Success Formula

Proper Maintenance An Important Factor
In The Vecellio Group’s Success Formula
(1st/2nd Quarter 2004)
Welder Jose Suarez thickens the metal surface of an impact crusher at White Rock Quarries.

White Rock Quarries employee Barbero H. Palomino carefuly inspects a screen used to sort crushed limestone by size.

Godofredo Hernandez, a member of White Rock’s belt crew, inspects conveyors for signs of damage.

There’s a basic formula in heavy/highway construction that goes something like this: Quality + Production + Safety = Success.

As long as cost-estimates are fairly accurate and no major factors affect the outcome, following this formula will usually produce good results.

But there’s another formula that is just as important for success, one that stands behind and supports the first: Proper Maintenance = Better Quality + Higher Production + Increased Safety.

It doesn’t take Einstein in a hard hat to calculate the many benefits of regular maintenance. Keeping equipment and facilities in tip-top shape contributes to overall company performance. It raises quality levels, maximizes productivity and provides employees with a safer working environment.

That’s why the companies of the Vecellio Group make proper maintenance a regular part of the routine.

A good example is White Rock Quarries, the group’s limestone quarry in Miami, Florida. White Rock averages an hour of maintenance for every two hours of production. Daily inspections occur on every phase of the operation, with needed repairs handled immediately to keep the quarry running at top capacity.

“It’s a lot of work, but you can’t have good production without good maintenance,” says Joe Hernandez, Maintenance Foreman. “It’s as simple as that.”

White Rock is one of the largest single-site crushed stone quarries in the country, and high-volume production is imperative to keep up with sales demand. Every maintenance or repair item that is taken care of during scheduled down time is one less potential problem during the busy production phase. It also ensures that aggregates are properly sized and routed during production, so customers receive the highest quality products.

Proper maintenance keeps equipment in safe operating condition, as well. Normal wear and tear on equipment — which can be quite extreme — is carefully monitored. Any items needing attention are addressed during scheduled maintenance — maximizing equipment uptime and worker safety.

“We’re very proud of our excellent production and safety records, and we recognize how much of that goes back to regular maintenance,” says White Rock Quarries President Jim Hurley. “We appreciate the great work performed by our maintenance crews, day in and day out.”

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At the Group’s other operating units, Vecellio & Grogan, Ranger Construction Industries, and Ranger Construction — South, maintenance is valued just as highly. Crews at each facility and in the field are dedicated to keeping equipment running properly.

Service trucks continuously monitor fuel and fluid levels, while mechanics and welders are on-the-spot to perform needed maintenance and repairs. And while it may operate behind the scenes at times, a regular maintenance program is a vital part of the organization.

“Our maintenance crews deserve a great, big ’thank you’ from all of us,” says Andy Jones, President of Ranger’s North Division. “Maintenance isn’t something that gets in the way of production. Without maintenance, we wouldn’t have production.”

Bill Medcalf, President of Vecellio & Grogan’s Construction Division, agrees. “Heavy equipment is subjected to extremely tough working conditions. But our maintenance crews do a great job keeping us up and running. We appreciate all their hard work under conditions that can be quite difficult.”

It’s true that maintenance is not the most visible aspect of the Vecellio Group’s operations. But there’s no mistaking the value it adds. Not only does it increase worker safety, it raises quality and production levels as high as possible.

Together, this adds up to better overall company performance. And that’s a great formula for success by anybody’s standard.

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Behind-The-Scenes Work A Critical Part
(1st/2nd Quarter 2004)

A word from Leo A. Vecellio, Jr., President, Chairman and CEO, Vecellio Group, Inc.

It takes a lot of work to keep the equipment up and running for a group of our size. We give our maintenance crews a hearty ‘thank you’ for their excellent efforts in this regard.

Maintenance isn’t on the front lines of our business, but we couldn’t succeed without it. Heavy equipment takes a heavy beating, day in and day out — and during the night shifts, too.

We sincerely appreciate the efforts of those charged with keeping our equipment and facilities running well. You not only help us achieve peak production and quality, you provide a safer work environment for us all.

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Vecellio & Grogan Developing Site
For FedEx Cargo Hub In North Carolina

(1st/2nd Quarter 2004)

In Greensboro, NC, heavy/highway contractor Vecellio & Grogan has begun site development for a FedEx cargo hub beside Piedmont Triad International Airport. The $20.5 million contract includes relocating a portion of Old Oak Ridge Road around the FedEx site.

V&G is also realigning Bryan Boulevard, a four-lane roadway near the FedEx site, under a separate contract valued at $44 million. It includes building a new interchange where the realigned Old Oak Ridge Road and Bryan Boulevard will meet.

Other current Vecellio & Grogan projects include:

• SR-288 in Richmond, VA — Work is winding down on the project, with all bridges completed and final paving in progress. One end of the 4.5-mile, four-lane beltway extension should be open to traffic in August, with the remaining portion due to open in September.

• US-64 in Raleigh, NC — Most of the bridge work should be finished by September on V&G’s $40 million US-64 realignment project, which includes a new intersection at I-440, Raleigh’s “inner loop.”

• I-540 in Raleigh, NC — V&G’s second Raleigh project involves building eight miles of I-540 (“outer loop”). The $67 million contract is well underway, with completion scheduled for 2006.

• Lowe’s / Sam’s Club in Beckley, WV — V&G is performing all site work on a 47-acre commercial project for Cranberry Development Company.

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