For Par Excellence, It’s Ranger Golf, Of Course

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For Par Excellence, It’s Ranger Golf, Of Course
(1st/2nd Quarter 2002)

Ranger Golf, a division of Vecellio Group company Ranger Construction, provided expert earthmoving services for Golf Course Consultants, Inc. on a new course in Sebring, FL, recently. The renowned Ranger division also provides complete turn-key golf course construction and renovation services throughout the U.S.

Trade Show Has It All — Even A ‘Hoe-Down’!
(1st/2nd Quarter 2002)

A demonstration at the 2002 Con-Expo/ConAgg trade show, held in Las Vegas, NV recently, featured these interesting, if not quite safety-approved, “Dancing Backhoes.”

More than 50 supervisors, estimators and executives from The Vecellio Group attended the trade show — the industry’s largest — featuring nearly two million square feet of high-tech construction equipment, tools and software on display, along with a wealth of industry seminars. (And, of course, the latest backhoe dance steps!)

Off-Duty Worker Helps Busload of Children After Truck Crash
(1st/2nd Quarter 2002)

Ranger Construction employee Jason Donnan sprang into action after witnessing a tractor-trailer crash into a school bus just south of Melbourne, FL. The impact knocked the bus on its side, injuring the driver and leaving many of the children too frightened to move.

Jason climbed aboard the overturned bus and helped the children out through the rear exit door, calming and reassuring them along the way. He also assisted the bus driver, who was pinned under broken glass and dirt.

Jason is a Utility Operator for Ranger North. Good job, Jason!

Co-Workers Help Runner Raise Funds
(1st/2nd Quarter 2002)

Dianne Bradley, Executive Assistant at Vecellio Contracting Corp., the Vecellio Group’s Florida holding company, participated in a 26.2-mile marathon recently as part of her ongoing fund-raising efforts for Leukemia research.

Backed by two dozen Vecellio Group employees, Dianne was able to bring her 2001 fund-raising total to $2,406. She finished the race in the top five percent of more than 18,000 athletes. Way to go, Dianne! (And sponsors!)


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