Ranger Construction Receives Environmental Award

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Ranger Construction Receives Environmental Award
(4th Qtr 2001)

The Pollution Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County has recognized Ranger Construction, a Vecellio Group company based in West Palm Beach, FL, as a leader in the effort to minimize waste for its practice of collecting and recycling milled asphalt, chunk asphalt and concrete rubble.

Ranger operates five asphalt plants on Florida’s east coast. Each site participates in the recycling operation, producing many important environmental benefits, including less raw materials required to produce new asphalt products (and less fuel used transporting raw materials), along with less waste going to local landfills.

White Rock Quarries, another Vecellio Group company, provides the on-site crushing of materials prior to their re-use.

Astec CEO Speaks At Fall Corporate Meeting
(4th Qtr 2001)

Dr. Don Brock, Chairman and CEO of Astec Industries, discussed new asphalt technologies at the Vecellio Group’s Fall 2001 Corporate Strategy Meeting, held in West Palm Beach, FL.

Dr. Brock’s relationship with the Vecellio Group goes back to the early days of Astec. Shortly after founding the company in 1972, Dr. Brock received an order for three asphalt plants — his largest order to date — from Leo Vecellio, Sr.

Astec has since grown into a family of 17 companies located throughout the United States, with products and technologies for virtually every phase of road-building.

Clough Gives First ‘Vecellio Lecture’ At Virginia Tech
(4th Qtr 2001)

Thanks to an endowment by the Vecellio Family Foundation and V&G, Virginia Tech has established the Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program, a significant educational enhancement that includes the annual Vecellio Distinguished Lecture Series.

Dr. Wayne Clough, President of Georgia Tech and former dean of VT’s College of Engineering, presented the inaugural lecture, with Leo and Kathryn Vecellio, Evelyn Vecellio, and Patricia Vecellio among those in attendance.

The new program will also fund a named professorship, undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships.

V&G Applies Expertise To Quarry, Mine Work
(4th Quarter 2001)

When Vecellio & Grogan, a Vecellio Group heavy/highway construction company, promises to “move the earth” for its customers, that’s exactly what they do. With one of the largest equipment fleets in the industry, V&G is ready to tackle any size project.

Among its current jobs, V&G is prosecuting two overburden removal projects, one for a limestone quarry, the other for a coal-mining operation. V&G brings more than decades of excavation experience to the work; the company was at one time actively involved in mining operations and knows exactly what it takes to do the job right.

V&G also has performed a number of site development jobs in the second half of 2001, drawing from its years of experience to provide customers in a variety of industries and sectors with consistent, high quality results.

Corridor H Jobs Winding Down In West Virginia
(4th Quarter 2001)

Beckley, WV-based Vecellio & Grogan is nearing completion on all three of its active Corridor H highway construction projects in West Virginia. They will be opened to traffic when adjacent projects under construction by other contractors are also ready.

In Elkins, road work on Jobs #9 and #10 (known as Jobs #147 and #148 under the pre-J.D. Edwards numbering system) is winding down, while some bridge work remains. The projects, both utilizing concrete pavement, total just over two miles of roadway.

Four other projects to the west of V&G’s Elkins jobs are still underway by other contractors. Once all six are complete, the state will open the entire length to traffic.

In Hardy County, V&G is nearing completion on a 2.12-mile section, this one topped with asphalt pavement. As soon as another job to the east is finished, traffic in the area will be switched over to the new segments.

Corridor H is a four-lane highway stretching eastward from I-79 at Weston, WV, with plans calling for it to eventually extend more than 130 miles, reaching the Virginia state line.

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