Foundation Provides $100,000 In Scholarships

Foundation Provides $100,000 In Scholarships
(4th Quarter 2007)

Amy King

Amy King


Christine Peters

Christine Peters

For Amy King and Christine Peters, the Vecellio Group is more than just the parent company of White Rock Quarries, where their fathers work. Thanks to the Employee Scholarship Program of Vecellio Family Foundation (VFF), it’s also a part of their college education.

Founded in 1973 by Vecellio family members, the Foundation each year provides college scholarships to eight West Virginia high school students and up to three eligible dependents of Vecellio Group employees. Recipients are chosen by an independent review board — not by VFF or the Group — based on SAT/ ACT scores, school transcripts and other factors.

Ten scholarships worth $10,000 each were awarded in 2007. Amy Mercedes King, daughter of Elijah Holmes, Mechanics Helper at White Rock Quarries, and Christine Joy Peters, daughter of Samuel Peters, Weigh­master at White Rock Quarries South, were among the recipients.

Amy is attending Florida A&M University, while Christine is attending the University of Florida.

Eight additional scholarships were awarded through the Foundation’s West Virginia programs, established to give back to the communities where Vecellio & Grogan got its start.

Corianne D. Carver, representing Shady Spring High School, was selected for a Leo A. Vecellio, Sr., Memorial Scholarship, named to honor V&G’s late co-founder. Corianne is attending Concord University.


About Our Employee Scholarship Program

Each year, the Vecellio Family Foundation awards two or more scholarships to dependents of employees of Vecellio Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries and divisions. For your dependent child (natural or adopted) to be eligible, he or she must be a graduating senior, and you must be an employee of the Vecellio Group (any company or division) with at least one year of continuous and active service before January 1 of the scholarship year.

Scholarship applications are available from the human resources office of each company or division. Applications must be completed and returned no later than March 1, 2008 for consideration.

SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AWARDED BY INDEPENDENT REVIEW BOARDS, not by the Foundation, the company or its personnel. Decisions are based on SAT / ACT scores, school transcripts, and other indications of probable success in collegiate and post-collegiate life.

Liberty High School graduate Logan Ellis also received a Leo A. Vecellio, Sr., Memorial Scholarship. He is attending Marshall University.

Three students from Woodrow Wilson High School received scho­larships in memory of Leo Vecellio, Sr., Rick Vecellio (late brother of Leo Vecellio, Jr.) and Al Janutolo (former long-time V&G employee). The students and their selected colleges are Illaisaane Carter, Marshall University; Brian C. Shorts, University of Notre Dame; and Evan M. Meadows, Virginia Tech.

Another Leo A. Vecellio, Sr., Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Matthew Goddard, a graduate of Independence High School who is attending Marshall University.

In McDowell County, Emily K. Miller was awarded a Dr. Dante Castrodale Memorial Scholarship, named in honor of Leo A. Vecellio, Sr.’s brother-in-law, who served as a physician in the area for many years. Emily is attending West Virginia University.

This year’s Rick Vecellio Memorial Conservation Scholarship/ Youth Conservation Award went to Amanda B. Dolan, who is attending West Virginia University.

To date, the non-profit Foundation has awarded more than $2.2 million in scholarships to 270 students, along with supporting numerous other educational, industry and charity organizations.

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